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1 year ago

Natural Stone Tiles – The Evergreen Forms of Flooring Material

Refurbishing a home and converting it into a new place to reside, have turned out to be the latest trend. Nobody stays behind when it is about modernizing the home with modern flooring materials. With so many varieties accessible in the marketplace it could be a tough ask for the house owners to pick the finest material. There’re so many alternatives that are in harmonize with modern style and trend but natural hand carved stone tiles are the ultimate alternative among several.




Natural stone tiles were used extensively earlier but are again in trend because of their exceptional quality. If you’re passionate regarding decorating your home with natural material, then stone tiles are the best option. The compelling exquisiteness that it holds alongside the muscular strength is admired by many. The atmosphere that’s developed by these tiles is restful o the viewers.


The most common qualities that are discovered in approximately all types of natural stone tiles are strength, durability, variety and enticing look. The most vital aspect while taking into account these tiles for your home is looking for an experience and skilled contractor. Being in touch with the genuine dealer will help you, as you’ll avail the best price and fair service. Fitting of these beautiful tiles is a crucial aspect as the whole appearance can be destroyed, if not done properly.


Alongside the solid strength, natural hand-carved stone tile is anti-slippery, fireproof and very simple to maintain. Furthermore, these tiles are apposite for bathroom and kitchen as they can tolerate extreme temperature and resist water as well. All these precious aspects make natural stone tiles appropriate for any condition. Apart from this, one also gets wide range of options when it is about variety, including:




• Marble – the demand for this natural stone is unbelievable in the marketplace due to its great look and extreme strength. The regal exquisiteness that it reflects is able to grab the attention of many.


• Granite – it’s another solid substance found in the line with unparalleled strength. There’re several alluring dark colors accessible in this group that can highlight any part of your home.


• Slate – these natural tiles with supreme solidity take the place of proper tiles that are apposite for bathroom and kitchen.


• Limestone – this tile is known as the most original form of natural stone tiles, which leaves an unforgettable impression when installed.


So, no more late! Choose natural hand carved stone tiles to give your home a complete makeover.

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1 year ago

Install a Stone Fountain in Your Garden to Enhance Its Overall Look

Using a stone fountain in your garden has several benefits in the long run due to its intimacy to the nature as the basic substance. Stone is believed to be a burly natural material that is why extensively employed in an array of architectural assignments.


A fountain composed of stone is no exemption to this. Due to its strong nature, a stone made fountain is virtually free of maintenance and can survive for hundreds of years without being optically tedious.


If your garden has an oriental design, then a stone fountain with human sculpture can considerably add elegance to it. Rather than having only a human-sized sculpture in the garden if you get a statue with fountain affixed to it then it’ll quickly add an element to it.




There’s one more renowned form of stone fountains employed by several house owners and that’s using a birdbath alongside the fountain. A birdbath is nothing but a straight shallow area where from the fountain get collected, and birds can take bath & drink water without any trouble. The stature of the birdbath is usually maintained in such a way that pets such as dogs and cats can’t concern the birds.


A diversity of stones are employed to make fountains for their use in the gardens. Stones like granite, slate and marble are some of the most commonly employed stone materials. Relying on your exact interest & liking you can pick from an assortment of designs accessible in the marketplace. Installing a stone fountain in your garden can significantly enhance the value and overall look of your garden.


If you are looking for hand carved stone columns or stone fountains, contact Cokina stone for the best possible deal. Cokina Stones, one of the leading suppliers of natural stone items such as fountains, columns, moldings, staircase treads, pool copings and many other stone-made products.


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1 year ago

Natural Stones Are the Best Decorating Option

Outdoor custom stone fireplaces are best and affordable means to add style and elegance to the exterior space in a house. Composed with beautiful stones, an outdoor stone fireplace offers an ideal gathering place on cold nights.

Stone is undoubtedly the most preferred material when it comes to building an outdoor fireplace due to its long-lasting & non-combustible nature. This flexible stuff can be well-shaped and designed to fit any exterior setting, both classic and contemporary.

Outdoor stone fireplaces represent durability and strength and are an ideal option for pool, backyard and patios. It’s effortless to set up and wash in comparison to other outdoor fireplaces. The most noteworthy quality of any exterior fireplace is that it can survive the cruel climatic conditions. It decreases overheating and therefore, prevents fire damages.

6043761_origGenerally, top quality sandstone, marble, natural stone and granite are employed for constructing the exterior stone fireplace. A mixture of these stones can be used also for the construction. Some exterior stone fireplaces avail with huge stone beams & rock columns while others are as straightforward as a mantel.

Your outdoor stone fireplaces can be wood burning, electric or gas driven. Although wood-burning stone fireplace is affordable and alluring, it can make air pollution because of the excessive discharge of carbon monoxide and other harmful gases.

A great number of outdoor fireplaces are accessible to add elegance to the exterior of a home. They avail in brilliant designs and colors, and the hand carved custom stone fireplaces are the most preferred alternatives for many householders.

The Internet is the best option when it comes to buy hand carved custom stone fireplace as there are many online retailers offering great deals on natural stone made items. Online stone retailers have their own website where you can check out the latest design and varieties of natural stones. Many retailers also offer comparison facilities, so you can compare their products or price with others and finally make a wise choice.

At Cokina Stones, we offer complete interior and exterior Custom Hand Carved Natural Stones for both residential and commercial locations. We help you to transform your space with our varieties of natural stones and tiles in a budget-friendly manner. We always care about our clients’ budget and exact requirement! So, don’t be too late! Give us a phone call and see how we meet your natural stone requirement in the most convincing manner.

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1 year ago

Natural Stones Are the Best Decorating Option

If you are desperate to change the boring look of your home, then natural stones are the best option for you. These stones are ideal for flooring and have been extensively used for several centuries. Natural stones have remained popular from the beginning due to their exclusive look and finish. In fact, there’s no dissimilarity in terms of quality of natural marble stones accessible then and now. The only dissimilarity is that there’s wide range of stone accessible by the stone suppliers. There’re several options accessible in terms of size, type and colors. Moreover, the cost of natural stones has come down as there’re numerous wholesale marble stone suppliers. Also, these stones are very sturdy making them fashionable amongst home owners.

There’re assortments of natural stones accessible. Granite marbles are extremely sturdy and ideal for home decoration & commercial constructions. It can be employed for flooring, table top & landscaping. It’s even employed in ornaments & structures. Another use of granite marble is countertops as it’s extremely durable. It’s even employed in domestic & kitchen flooring as it’s hardest of all household flooring. It’s also alkalis and acids defiant.

One can even use natural slate stone. They’re mainly accessible in gray shade, however, you’ve a lot of variations in it to pick from. Natural slate stones are extremely thick and are employed for walls & countertops. Travertine stones are eye-catching, and they avail in diverse hues of brown.

Marble stones have been also used as a sign of grace and are employed exclusively in houses for offering rich and regal look. They’re used extensively in kitchen and for flooring.Marble stone columns are employed in building of homes. There’re a lot of marble stone suppliers who design marble stone columns that are attractive to eye. Home designers provide very striking shapes to marble stones in shape of marble column. Also, marble stones are employed by artists for making marble artifacts. It’s even employed for constructing fountains, coasters, statues and staircase treads as well.

There’re no shortages of natural stone suppliers, but only the best in the business offer natural stones that meet your exact need and budget. At Cokina Stones, we offer complete interior and exterior Custom Hand Carved Natural Stones for both residential and commercial locations. So, don’t waste your time! It's time to transform your space with our varieties of natural stones and tiles in the most cost-effective manner.

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1 year ago

Five Popular Natural Stones Used To Make Tiles

For centuries, natural stone tiles have been employed by human to beautify their homes. Natural stone tiles are remarkably stunning, as well as sturdy and fire safe. However, one quality of natural stone, as opposite to glass or ceramic tiles, is that they display variations of thickness and color. Each stone tile is unique in its look and thus, cautious matching is needed.

There’re 5 kinds of stone, which are extensively employed in tile maker for both residential and commercial purposes: granite, limestone, basalt, slate and marble. Each type has its own distinctive look & feature. Take these dissimilarities into consideration to help you pick a natural stone tile that fits your home the best.


Marble is a kind of metamorphic rock, the consequence of the extreme force of tectonic folding on dolomite or limestone. Though marble may be pure white in color, it’s often elegantly patterned with stunning earthy hues, because of minerals that were available when it was created. This kind of stone is considerably solid, making it effortless to cut into tiles. Marble stones tiles are frequently used for walls, floors and fireplaces.


Granite is categorized as an igneous rock, signifying that it’s volcanic lava, which has cooled & hardened. Pink, gray and white in color granite is admired for its distinctive dark tarnishes. Its striking appearance, merged with its unbelievable robustness, make it an ideal option for stone tile. Granite tiles are perfect for flooring, bathroom or kitchen countertops, and fireplace surroundings.


Another metamorphic rock, slate can be found in green, purple or cyan, a striking turquoise blue. Slate is a long lasting, easy-to-maintain material which’s amazingly water absorption proof. Tiles made from slate are ideal for exterior and interior floors or walls, countertops, and roofing.


Normally white, off-white, light brown, or gray in shade, limestone is readily accessible and affordable as well. However, it can’t be polished and isn’t usually defiant to staining and scratching, especially from acidic materials such as vinegar or fruit juices. Limestone tiles are ideal for floors, fireplaces, shower walls, and vanity surfaces.


Basalt is a type of magmatic rock. You can avail this kind of tile in light to deep gray, black, or brown color. A sturdy, fine-grained, non-porous natural stone, tile cut from basalt is ideal for walls and floors, in addition to a huge number of attractive and practical outdoor uses such as garden paths, swimming pool surrounds, and fire pits.

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1 year ago

Decorate Your Fireplace with Hand Carved Stone Mantles

A number of people like to adorn their fireplace mantles with some decorative stuff to provide the place an attractive look. Most homes have fireplaces these days due to their handy features. However, if you leave the fireplace without any sorts of decoration, it will look very messy. Mantles are such things, which are installed around the fireplace for embellishment purposes.

These mantles are made from diverse materials, and one can pick from a broad range of structures and design to set up around your fireplace. You can avail mantles in both stone and marble; these 2 are popularly used all over the globe, and they’re in demand because marble they offer a neat and graceful look, no matter what design ideas you are following. Great design & color of the mantles can enhance the look of the place and will simply complement with the decoration and furnishings of the room.

Stone mantles are being utilized since hundreds of years since they were the 1st mantles which invented in the structure of fireplace by cutting through walls. Usually, stone mantles are made of diverse stones like limestone, river rock and granite. Stone mantles are ideal for huge fireplaces, and they’re helpful because they don’t get damaged or dented easily. Stone mantles won’t crack or get dented unless severe damage is caused. These mantles have a tendency to last long and there’ll hardly any requirement of substituting it. One can avail stone mantles for fireplaces in an assortment of colors and designs, which will simply blend with the setting of your room.

However, the best means to purchase stone mantles for your custom stone fireplace is to search via the web. You’ll come across numerous lists of stone mantle suppliers. You can also check on their sites for latest designs. One will be surely surprised to witness that fireplace mantles are enhanced when they’ve such skillfully hand-crafted stone materials manufactured in them. Though it’ll be a bit difficult to choose from a variety of designs, but in the end, you’ll come with one that’ll easily blend with the interior decor, furnishings and color of your room.

You can get stone mantles build as per your specifications, though it’ll cost you a little more than using limestone or cast stone in pieces.

Last but not the least, stone mantles offer a very natural appearance to the setting and also give a pleasant feeling to your room.

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2 years ago

Choose the Best Coping Material for Your Swimming Pool

Having a swimming-pool in your backyard is the best thing that you could have. The material and construction style employed for constructing a swimming-pool can be a bit costly. The techniques and materials utilized for constructing a swimming-pool are diverse from that of standard. Here, in this post we will discuss regarding swimming pool coping. This’s something, which will be recognizable to those who have a pool. If you’re planning to construct a pool, you’ll shortly come across this term.

1327256Coping is purely the edging of your swimming pool, which offers it a finishing look. Coping isn’t just performed for the appearance, but there’re certain extra benefits with ‘coping’ the pool. The material employed for coping is similar from what’s utilized on other parts of the swimming-pool. Without coping, your pool will look uncompleted and there won’t be any protection for the individuals strolling in the damp floor around the swimming-pool. There’re a broad variety of materials made particularly for the purpose of pool coping. Some of the features include to have smooth edges & non-slipping features. Most importantly it acts as a departure between the pool wall and the deck.

Coping can be affixed in diverse styles. It can be created in matching colors with the swimming-pool, or it could be provided a contrasting look. There’re choices for setting up a design which carries on from the swimming-pool to the coping. The stones employed for coping avails in a wide range of styles and colors. The looks can differ with variety of tiles employed for concreting the coping. They certainly provide a natural look resembling stones or pebbles. There’re carved tiles with natural-looking patterns and designs stamped on them. While selecting a design, you need to take into consideration regarding the grip that the stuff is going to offer.

Two kinds of available swimming pool coping styles are cantilever coping and bull nose coping. The cantilever coping is accomplished with the employ of concrete and bricks at the edge of the swimming pool. If you’re thinking to employ natural stones for your pool, then you’re having a 1063253_origbroad range of materials such as sandstone, granite, blue stone, marble, and limestone to pick from. Most of these materials are covered with rough surfaces instead of smooth finish, which’s utilized inside the homes. If you don’t mind to invest some additional cash, you may find some flawless stone finish around your swimming-pool such as cokina stone that has the characteristic that it does not get hot with the heat from the sun, therefore hands and feet are never burned.

Cokina Stones offer a range of stones that are easy to cut for curves and less expensive compared to other stones. We specialize in custom mantles, stone columns, staircase treads, pool copings, and moldings all hand carved from shellstones, limestones, Latina stone, fossil stone, and dorado stone.

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2 years ago

Stone Fireplace – Add the Perfect Element to A Romantic Evening or Late Fall Night

Adding a custom stone fireplace to your backyard certainly offers the warmth & elegance that you are always looking for. Whilst chimneys and bonfires are great starters, real stone fireplaces are durable, elegant and most importantly they’ll enhance the appeal of your house. Adding stone fireplace to your terrace will simply make it enchanting. Additionally, a stone fireplace is much safer and durable compared to fire pits or chimneys.

Why you should add a stone fireplace to your outdoor living space?

Fireplaces certainly can lengthen the seasons. With a comfortable fireplace you, your friends and family can spend quality spring evening & late fall nights by a comfy fire outside. Just envisage drinking hot coffee or tea, frying marshmallows and eating s'mores by a stone fireplace in your backyard or outdoor living space. You will feel like you’re indoor, all warm & heated, yet you can enjoy the sounds and smell of the beautiful evening with your near and dear ones. Your winter can be extremely pleasant if you have stone fireplace in or outside your home.

Great dinner parties can be arranged during cool summer nights. A custom stone fireplace can set the foundation for a dream evening. Switch on some pleasing music and let the sparkle of the fire grab the attention of your guests. Or sit out quietly by yourself or with your dear ones and enjoy a calm evening only distracted by the mild rustle of a stone fireplace.

Unlike chimneys or fire pits, stone fireplaces can be extremely safer for family and friends to be around. Fire holes can be dangerous to small kids whilst chimneys can be knocked over very easily. However, a properly built fireplace can safeguard your family and guests from sparkles and while the stone fences can safeguard people from getting burned if they by chance slant against it.

The best means to buy custom stone for your fireplace is to search via the web, and you’ll come across so many stone suppliers, and you can also visit their websites to check out the avail designs. You’ll be certainly surprised by seeing the availability of hand crafted fireplace mantels. At Cokina Stones, you can easily find hand carved fireplace mantles that are specially designed to fit your style and space. You will be confused with the number of designs we have, but in the end, you’ll certainly find one that you think will simply blend with the interior decor, furnishings and color of the room. We deal only in natural stones including Riviera stone, Latina stone, Paolo Stone and Tikul Stone amongst many others. We do it all for you from stone selection, planning, computerized drafting, packing to home delivery.
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2 years ago

Stone Tile Decoration – Suits Beautifully Both Indoor And Outdoor

Nothing signals solidity and durability in a home like stone. When installed by an expert, stone tiles can last long.

In modern houses, stone tile decoration on walls develops particularly charming accents for big rooms, liberally portioned patios, and baths. They create an offset for other natural materials such as brick, wood and granite. Stone fireplaces, for instance, make superb centerpieces to harmonize living rooms.

Cokina StonesOutside the house, stone offers a shielding yet harmonizing border for pools, gardens and lawns. They can be employed as an attractive floor in place of concrete around swimming-pools, on walkways and on patios as well.

Most important thing is stone can be avail in unlimited range of textures, shapes and colors. One can avail stone tiles that fit nearly any home, from a desert sanctuary to a mountain retreat.

Depending on the stone purpose or area, the stone tile finishes could be: polished, honed, filled, unfilled, acid wash, paleo, hammered, brushed, etc.

Before you purchase, find an experienced stone installer:

Stone installation could be a heavy and time-consuming task, especially for bigger projects and by individual with limited skill. It is a great idea to employ an experienced stonemason for the task.

Many stone retailers & wholesalers provide a range of natural materials like travertine for showers, granite for countertops, and more. Most of them even have expert installers to make the task simple and provide one-stop solution for consumers.

Stone installation is accomplished with techniques that differ relying on where the stone will be used. Outdoor pave stones can be fixed with sand and other techniques, whilst mortar is favoured for landscaping tiles and concrete for indoor flooring.

Stone installation tricks:

Most people who’ve tried to install natural stone tiles to complement a specific pattern or design will concur that it is more complicated than the online video display, especially if you are not a knowledgeable DIY-er.

Below mentioned are a few things that expert installers will do to ensure your project is completed according to your plan:

3770095• Check out tiles for quality

• Cut tiles with accuracy

• Lay tiles in a way that improves the overall look of the project

• Understand which stones require which installation technique

At Cokina Stones, we offer a range of stone materials to complement your decoration indoor or outdoor including stone columns, stone fireplaces, stone fountains, pool copings, and staircases that are hand carved and especially designed to meet your specification. Our each and every product is designed to meet your style and need. So, contact us today to see what we can do for you.

Installer can also mix concrete to match or combine with tile; an extremely skilful professional can even curtail the appearance of concrete.

Finally, all stone requires to be closed to prevent blemishes, especially in high-traffic regions where resealing may be essential. Your installer can assist you decide how often this’ll be required.

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